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6/14/10 10:49 pm - Dear LiveJournal...

It has been 2 years since my last post.
So it will be.
Not updating, just wandering.


7/21/08 10:08 am - Memes from...

Isso me lembra de algo sobre roubar músicas de volta...
Hmmmm... Deve ser DeU2s em toda sua Onisciência...

"The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed."

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

Roubando tréco da tia B.Collapse )

5/14/08 06:02 pm - Quem pegar essa nota vai saber o quanto eu amo a Betânia!!!

(Título inspirado em uma nota de 1 real achada em xerox obscuro da PUC.)
Tia B. morhirwen, eu te amo, eu te adoro, te venero e exijo beatificação maior para seu status sláshico.
Logo, pra poder puxar o saquinho e ainda ganhar bala e chiclete daquela tal de gata Bete, eu fiz esses especialmente procê.

Quem pegar essa nota vai saber o quanto eu amo a Betânia!!!Collapse )

Só que ficou pesado pra caçamba, enton vê se pentelha alguém aí que saca de Flash pra dar uma ajeitadinha T-T (Sim, sou um fiasco.) Se quiser as screencaps, eu mando com tooooodo prazer. Bejokas da sua fã nº1.

5/9/08 06:48 pm - Icons, gifs & stuff.

Yep. Icons.
I like it.

# 4 - Constantine / Angela-Isobel Dodson / Rachel Weisz;
# 5 - Severus Snape and his fanfiction fandom;
# 10 - Lisa Rowe-Angelina Jolie (Girl, Interrupted).


Most of them are heavy, k?

I'm sick, Daisy. We know that!Collapse )

4/16/08 12:45 pm

I really really really (& lotz of really) to my dearest morhirwen for givin' me the Light! Better, the Darkness. Now I've become a Cthulhu's child. Yeah, yeah, levels of insanity + changes of mood made me see the great Terror in the deep of Great Ocean.
Cthulhu lives. I'm waiting for him, but yu know what?
If he gimme some inspiration for lolz, I thank him so much.
(And I fu** dunno if I write this right, anyway...)

Hooray!!! Lotz of lolz!!!

Behind the cut: THE CALL OF CTHULHU!!! And some artwork as usualCollapse )

3/5/08 07:03 pm - Ano Novo Vida Nova.

New Year New Life.
At least it's what I want until now.
Yes, my 2008 became right this week ¬¬'

Pra quem lê em português (o___O) coloquei meu site no ar dinovo.
Com direito a todas as fanfics que já escrevi (muitas estão incompletas ¬¬) e algumas baboseiras lá no blog.

Sim, pós-graduação na Federal tá me assustando.
Mas como toda menininha mágica diz: "Tudo vai dar certo!!!"

1/15/08 03:44 pm - Heroes Artwork


Addicted with Heroes sign and icons and whatever...
Behind the cut, Hana Gitelman (3 sign + 7 icons), Hiro Nakamura (10 sign), Sylar (4 sign + 2 icons), Peter & Claire (2 sign), Issac (1 sign) and HGR (2 sign).
Most of Comics.

signatures right hereCollapse )

and icons right hereCollapse )

Enjoy and credit! missdarkmood

1/9/08 01:49 pm - And everything comes to the end

No work.
Nothing to do.

I never thought graduation will be so hard to get through.
Please, I wanna be student again T-T

10/9/07 06:56 pm - Just 2 months...

For Nienna's sake, I'm tired with my University...
Two months still ahead and I feel I should bang my head in the wall...
Or maybe I should jump in the Well (Hello Samy!)
I can't take it. I'm without internet at home and I feel I'll sleep in classroom ¬¬'

And I love this state of mind. Completely tired and nonsense at all.
Let's get retarded!

Mantra of the day: "Just two months, just more two months..."

8/23/07 06:42 pm - Completely lost... I guess... I'm not sure...

That's me, I think. I lost many passwords of old emails and now that I need to pick some old stuff right there, I cannot... Dammit ¬¬'

Anyway, life is good, just a few months to end of time and I thought I could handed more trouble than I can hand now XD

Nothing more interesting to say, some colourbars behind the cut:
Colourbaaaaaaaaaaaaaars! Arya, Samy and ClemmyCollapse )
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